What is an Altar?
A Wiccan altar is a place used for worshiping the deities,to do rituals and celebrate the sabbats. The altar is often considered a personal place where Wiccans put their ritual items. Some practitioners may keep various religious items upon the altar, or they may use the altar and the items during their religious workings.The left side of the altar should be considered the Goddess area; feminine or yonic symbols such as bowls and chalices, as well as Goddess representations and statues should be placed on the left. The right side is designated for the God; phallic symbols such as the athame and the wand are placed to the right side, as well as God statuary and his candle. The left and right associations vary according to personal preference, but the center area is almost always considered the "both" area, or the working area. In the center of the altar are kept the main
symbols of the Wiccan faith, such as the pentacle.

Some Wiccans arrange their altars to represent all four elements and directions. In the North the earth element is represented; in the east is air, in the south is fire, and in the west water. These elements can be represented in various ways, but generally do not vary in elemental and directional correspondences. When placing items on an altar or when "calling on the elements" (a practice involving and inviting the elements to be a part of the circle and lend their power).

Now you need to design the altar thus creating your haven. Designing one is a deeply personal process,


Candles are first on the list of altar items. They are needed for spells, rituals and spiritual cleansing. Having different coloured candles for  magic spells, because having different colours correspond to different spells. Many Wiccans place one candle on each corner of their Altar so black, green or brown for the North; yellow or white for the East; red or orange for the South; blue for the West.

Salted Water

Fill a small bowl with natural mineral water and dissolve a half a teaspoon of salt in it. Place the bowl in the middle of the Altar. Water and salt stimulates the union of the water and earth energy. Not only that salt water acts as a purifying agent, so make a space on the altar.

The Athame

The Athame is ceremonial knife that has been used in many religions.It is a modern ceremonial knife, usually with a black handle but other colours are used. These knives are not used to harm to anything.  Athame's can be made of wood so metal is not essential. The ceremonial knife represents the element of fire, but it can represent the element of air depending on the Witches preference.

The Witches' Broom

It is common knowledge  if you are a witch then you must have a broom right?, No then you can make one large or small and it is fun to create your very own broom. In modern Wicca practices, a broom is one of the strongest symbols in witchcraft. It is a tool to cleanse and purify space, sweeping away negative energy. keep it next to the Altar. The handle is usually made of ash tree but other types of wood will do. Using pieces of willow wood, tie some birch twigs to the handle. It is not easy to make witches brooms it takes practice but that is part of the Wiccan path.

The Witches' Cauldron

The cauldron the most recognized tool  for rituals, and creating "witches brew", and made of cast iron.They come in various sizes so check them out in our store.


Incense smoke is symbolic of invoking deities into the room and the sacred space of your Altar. The smoke helps to create a magical atmosphere in the room, putting your mind at ease when you perform your rites. Frankincense is one of the most popular types of incense which associated with the masculine powers and used for purification purposes. Myrrh is associated with the feminine power and used in healing. Pine and Sage helps to cleanse your Altar of all negativity.


The pentacle is a five-pointed star, surrounded by a circle. It is the symbol for witches. Each of the five stars points towards an element - earth, fire, water, air and the fifth element called is spirit, The circle represents the universe. The Pentacle is often mistaken as a pentagram which is inverted and has no circle it symbolizes the devil or satanic worshipping. The Wiccan Pentacle is nature based the symbol is more than 8,000 years old, and represents the idea of bringing Spirit on Earth. Every Wiccan should have one on the Altar, as it symbolizes your place in the unity of the Universe.

The Wand

You can make a simple wand out of wood and can incorporate gemstones to enhance your intention. Like the Witches' broom, a wand is also associated with magick rituals. The wand is used to perform a range of rites, from divination to blessings, protection spells and more.


Gemstones have various qualities and energy that has healing powers they are like containers of energy. They can help to soak up negative vibes. For example, the Amethyst can help to raise your vibrational frequency, some gemstones can be cleaned with mineral water leaving them to dry out in the sun also helps to charge them also the moon also charges gemstones. When buying gemstones cleanse them with sage this helps remove any unwanted energy and the stone is now ready to be placed on your altar. We have a great range of gemstones on offer so please check them out.