Wiccan and Pagan magick can be conjured up and most do it under the moonlight and during the moon phases and expressing the timing of your magick to align with the lunar cycles. With the mysterious power of the moon our spells are much stronger as she shines her power to the earth and through us. The sacred moon has energetic influence to our inner-world; provoking us to feel identical emotions and energies to her. She has a bewitching spell an all Wiccans and Pagans, beguiling and can shift from heightened energy to yearning in just 29.5 days.

New Moon
When the moon is invisible to Earth. Her reflections are blocked by the Sun, but her energy is fresh and ripe for starting anew; this is a good time to plan, to start with new habits, new magical projects and to move on from anything that is negative and unhelpful,
also a good time to bring about change and growth into your life.

Waxing Moon
The moon's energy is building with the arrival of the waxing moon, which will be present for around seven days after the new moon and because our goddess is growing and building up to full capacity - she supports creation. It is time make our plans and projects
and put them into action under the new moon's power.

Full Moon
Occurring every 14 days after a new moon, the full moon arrives. She is at her peak now, the energy is high, she is beaming down on us. Her energy heightens the emotions in humans and animals, now is the time to finalize your projects in preparation for the quieter and softer energy that is coming. It's also a good time to reflect on your life and your inner-world. Dreams may be more profound now.

Waning Moon
Approximately 7 days after a full moon, the waning moons energy appears softer and calmer as she withdraws. Life will appear to slow down and It's the perfect time for meditation.
The  Magickal Moonphases
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