Welcome to the Witchcraft Emporium, The Wicca and Witchcraft online store. We have loads of information, from magic spells, about every magickal topic you can find. Our shop covers most things a witch needs for the journey to the old ways, From our suppliers Nemesis now, Puckator, Crystal magic, Indigo herbs and many more.

About Us

We have been in the craft for many years and decided last year to bring our knowledge online to help new witches become the best they can possibly be. Because it takes a lot of research and dedication to become a witch and it can take years to get to know most things, Like what is an Altar?, Where do i start?, What is a Wiccan? And the list goes on and on which can be pretty overwhelming so we are here to help you on the path of being a wise and great witch.

Starting Your Path

If you are new to the religion the information below will put you on the right path to
gain insite in becoming a wiser person with the help from Witchcraft.

Things to know about the Wiccan religion
How to become a Witch
The Witches' altar
where to start
The book of shadows
and what is it?
The Sabbats the Wiccan Holidays
The four Elements,
known as the 4 quarters
Wicca, Witchcraft, &
Magick the introduction
Magical Moon phases
the Witches' guide
Using herbs in Wicca
The Wiccan Deities
Men in Wicca
Warlocks and Wizards
Spirit guides who or what are they