How to create your own Book of Shadows
Many people get stuck on how they can create their own Book of Shadows.  It is quite simple and there is no wrong or right way in creating your book of shadows. Also it is a very personal book and really no others should be allowed to read it because it is classed as sacred. The Book Of Shadows is like a diary where you write down all of your experiences as you follow the path of the wise.

You should begin by writing down the Wiccan Rede, to set out your intentions and beliefs from the start.
The Wheel of the Year and the sabbats: Add this to your Book Of Shadows.
Add Spells and rituals that you have gathered from different places or write yourself - and take notes after you cast each spell, to see how you feel different and what changes it has brought in your life.

Add Herbs, incenses and oils and noting their properties - especially keeping track of your own potions and how they affected you.

Add Crystals and their properties - taking notes of how you feel using different types of crystals or what effect they have on your life .The information will come in handy later on, when you write your own magick spells!

Helpful information on moon phases and how they affected your spell work, candle magick etc. Basically any information you can find. Daily appreciation notes are always good for your mind and soul, and to raise your vibrations to attract more goodness into your life

Adding interesting and creative ideas, sketches and such of tools you'd like to make or buy, decorations for your altar, ideas for your garden… Anything you come across and would like to keep for inspiration.

Recipes - potions, herb blends, sabbat celebration foods…

A meditation and visualization diary if that's what you're into.  With spell casting it is important to keep a clear and focused mind to achieve the best results, regular meditation will help, and to take some notes if you have any specific feelings or insights. The same goes for visualization - after casting a spell, vividly and regularly taking down notes about your goals in a joyful way will improve your chances of success

You can decorate your Book of Shadows however you like and there are many videos on youtube for inspiration. Or even make your own from scratch and there are plenty tutorials on how to make them. Plus we stock a great variety of the Book Of Shadows and other journals of interest.

Your Book Of Shadows is unique and so is it's owner so enjoy your path as you follow the old ways as your ancestors did 100s of years ago.
Blessed Be.!

The Elements and their correspondences: