So you want to be a witch?
Now you have found the path you are on and you want to be a Witch and you feel closer to nature than before plus you feel an awakening, Witchcraft has found you. Now you want to learn more about becoming a Witch, meet free spirits, find tools for your craft, and want to try your very first spell. So the question is "where do i start?"

The first thing to becoming a practicing Witch is research and lots of it. A great book to start with is "WICCA" By Harmony Nice she has a great youtube channel and has many topics including her enchanted endeavors series.

Meditation Meditation Meditation

Meditation is paramount if you want to be a real Witch.  Meditation is a great way in removing unwanted thoughts so you can be less stressful, and silence is important to flow deeper into your life force "your Soul". It is important  when casting spells that the mind is trained to focus on the spells you want to cast properly and to direct that energy the right way. Meditate on a daily basis and play soothing spiritual music to enlighten the feel of your meditation thus helping in achieving the focus that you need to become a great Witch. The more you meditate the more access you have for higher truths, the spirit guides, and your hidden Higher Self and now that you are in your meditative state,quietly ask to connect with your Higher Self and ask the questions you are looking for. The  answers usually come through from your intuition or some sensory spiritual experience.

As you know you make the rules, plus you open your amazing spiritual path. There is a rule that some Wiccans abide by is the Wiccan Rede with the "an' ye harm none, do what ye will" line but some do not follow the rede it is a personal choice. So now you pick up things on your journey along the way from other Wiccans which they will guide you on what suits you and your beliefs to incorporate that information into your practice.  Stay true to yourself, never stop searching and most importantly enjoy the path of the old ways to becoming; a Witch!

The Witches' Tools

Now the next step to becoming a witch is look for some Witchy tools. They do NOT  have to be fancy or expensive you can find some great ideas from pound stores, second-hand shops or make your own which is a great way to place energy from your hands into the object you are making and will help you to connect with them, your mind is a great thing use it to be constructive and if you want to be lavish check out our store and enjoy looking for your tools.

Now you need to create a space for your tools, where you can worship and meditate, now collect the tools and other items that help you perform rituals and cast spells.  That space is now your altar, this can be a table or shelf anywhere lets say some corner in your home and where you can be undisturbed.

How to contact Witches

Some prefer to be solitary Witches, and others like practice in a coven (a group of witches men and women or just women) who meet and perform rituals, celebrate the Sabbats and cast spells together.  It's up to you what you feel a coven would be right for you.

If you do join a coven, make sure it is the one you feel connected to, if it does not feel right then do NOT join, as many have different ways they practice withcraft that you may not agree with. Social media is a great way to find covens or groups one of the best are the facebook group "the Sassy Witches" Which can be found in the advertising page. also another way is to go to open festivals like Witchfest and other spiritual fairs and other Witchy craft fairs.