Next Day Dispatch available on all products. FREE UK DELIVERY When you spend Ł50.00*  We accept all major cards
Next Day Dispatch available on all products. FREE UK DELIVERY When you spend Ł50.00*  We accept all major cards
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The Witchcraft Emporium the small online store that offers most things for your wiccan & pagan needs. We are here to help new wiccan witches learn about the religion also known as the "Craft Of The Wise",
to guide you towards your spiritual journey and to awaken your skills through the practice.

The spiritual path of a Wiccan (Witch) is one filled with the beauty of the natural world and the mystery of the world within each of us, thus helping you to fulfill that path. A Wiccan is not something you
can become overnight, It takes time, dedication, mental and spiritual training.

The learning never stops and spells become more powerful as you follow the path. Although most witches' believe in the three fold law
"The Wiccan Rede" there are some who do not follow it and we must respect that.
We have a chosen a range of witchcraft items to help you create your Altar including: Crystals,
Tarot & Oracle Cards, Book Of Shadows, Blessing & Healing Kits, Chakra Items, Essential Oils, Incense Sticks & Cones, Candles, Wall Art,Cauldrons, Collectable Mugs, Ritual Kits,Traditional Witches' Balls, Journals,
Wall Art, Divination Tools, Tarot Boxes And Much Much More...
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We are proud to announce that The Witchcraft Emporium now stock beautiful Sons Of Asgard quality products.
Including stunning beeswax candles, spell kits, smudging kits, herbs and resins and all are blessed on the Sons Of Asgard Altar.
Luna Blessings Box
House Blessing Kit
Full Moon Magickal Box
Dark Moon Magickal Box
Prosperity - Spell Kit
Healing Witches Charm Pouch
Bath Spell Kit
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We have a wide range of topics in our forums, that include professional witches' who can help you with many questions and guide you towards the spiritual awakening. Registration is free and it does not matter if you are new to wicca or a seasoned witch,  unlike facebook our team have full control on what is added to our forums and we have zero tolerance against trolling, abuse, bullying, spamming and anything we deem unacceptable,
we will ban you from our forums.
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